Zero Knowledge Research House
Pioneering privacy, one proof at a time.
Our Offering
Proof of Reserves
Kn0x1y is at the forefront of financial transparency, offering cutting-edge Zero-Knowledge Proof of Reserves services that enable institutions to verify their asset holdings without exposing sensitive information.
ZK Research
Kn0x1y is dedicated to exploring the uncharted territories of privacy-preserving technologies. Our research empowers organisations to adopt the latest in zero-knowledge proofs, setting new standards for privacy, security, and efficiency in the digital age.
Applied Cryptography
Kn0x1y specialises in the implementation of cryptographic techniques, including (a)symmetric encryption, hashing & secure multi-party computation, ensuring the integrity, confidentiality, and non-repudiation of  data.
Meet the Team
Chandler De Kock
Co Founder
Chandler has zero-knowledge and can prove it.
Stenton Mayne
Experience with abstract algebra, micro-service architecture, API design, agent-based modelling and DeFi. Passionate about cryptography and zero-knowledge proof systems.
Tamara Ringas
Smart Contract Engineer
Solidity Engineer inspired by the world of cryptography and decentralisation. Well versed in security & zero knowledge proof applications. Avid Web3 educator.

Team Experience

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