Web+ Launch Lab
Kn0x1y partners with web3 projects to solve their most important technical & scaling challenges.
Our Offering
Our diverse team offer teams bespoke solutions to technical blockchain, tokenomic & security challenges
Kn0x1y’s experts have worked for and consulted for some of the biggest companies in the crypto and Web3 industry. Kn0x1y's extensive business, technical and financial knowledge are available to support new projects all the way up through to major brands.
Fort Kn0x1y Security
Security is paramount in any industry but none more so than crypto & web3. We offer expert advice on architecture, security best practices & agile audits for your projects. We work hand in hand to offer the most personalised audit experience.
Due Diligence
Crypto & Web3 move incredibly quick making it difficult to keep up to date on the next best opportunity. Kn0x1y conducts due diligence for accredited investors to provide a more informed decision about the technology, business and people investors are considering.
Kn0x1y has experts that have advised & mentored web3 projects to accelerate them up to speed. Our team offers skills and knowledge that puts projects and their founders light years ahead than most people in the industry and increases their chances for success
Tokenomic Modelling
Kn0x1y’s financial expertise can build tokenomics models to fit the protocol, idea and business model while de-risking and stabilising the tokenomics.
In an ever evolving industry, its important to keep up to date on all the new and revolutionary developments. Kn0x1y’s team have their finger on the pulse and are at the forefront of new narratives and technology in crypto & web3. Join us in leading the industry.
TVL Developed
Tokens Launched
Meet the Team
Chandler De Kock
Chandler once told his friends Bitcoin was a scam and learnt about it to prove himself right. He was wrong. Since then, he’s worked at centralised exchanges, DeFi platforms & participates in various educational initiatives
Michael Jordan
Fellow Actuary with (FASSA/CERA)
Fellow Actuary in Investments and Risk Management with strong analytical and programming skills. Has a strong passion for solving problems with technology and networking
Andrew Ridgeway
Blockchain Strategist
Transitioned from Aerospace to blockchain startups and consulting to bring his passion for new technology and solution based mindset to the industry
Yuval Ardenbaum
Blockchain Consultant | Entrepreneur
Web 3 Strategist and Consultant with experience developing ventures from ideation to revenue
Tamara Ringas
Smart Contract Engineer
Solidity Engineer inspired by the world of cryptography and decentralisation. Well versed in security & zero knowledge proof applications
Smart Contract Engineer
ex-Aave Smart Contract Engineer who builds DeFi protocols for fun

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